1. Saliva is one of the most arousing bodily fluids! Make your mouth watery with the Slow Sex Mouth Watering spray. It contains natural citrus acid that increases saliva production. Let’s get wet and sexy for the oral sex sessions!


2. Apply a generous amount of HandiPop directly onto the penis and give your partner a sensual hand massage and magical oral play! Turn him/her into your favorite lollipop because this playful potion tastes absolutely amazing. This could be a pleasure for both of you!


3. Make your partner blush when you massage the Sizzle Lips Warming Gel into a small area of the body, blow on it to get warm and then kiss and lick it off! The more you rub it in, the warmer it feels.


4. Can't get enough with the "big boy"? ROMP Juke is an ultra-flexible cock ring with a secure fit. Intense vibrations stimulate both of you and the ring’s intimate grip gently strengthens your erection too. Let's not end the fun too soon! (we focus on quality not quantity! 15-20 mins would be just perfect! Please do take it off if you feel a strong swelling and hurt.)

5. Fair Sqaure Non-lube Condom is particularly useful for sensitive skin or would love to personalise your own lollipop flav! With unlubricated condoms, you can find a water- or silicone-based lubricant you like and apply however much you choose without worrying about irritation and unpleasent scent.


6. Lubricants are essential for penetration sex! YES natrual Water-based lubricant acts as a perfect substitute for the body’s own lubrication, which provides a realistic texture and silky sensuous feel, offers you with pleasent smell, taste or colour. YES WB is compatible with condoms, latex and silicone toys.

7.After the amazing sex, use a piece or two of on-the-go Fur Wash Cloth all over body, anywhere you’d like to remove sweat, debris, or dirt (just be sure to avoid your eyes!). Simply tear open a wipe packet, remove the wipe, and rub it anywhere you’d like a refresh. Once you’re done, throw it away, jump back to bed, and cuddle each other into your sweet dreams!



As a certified sexuality educator, Vera Lui founded the first sex positive intimate lifestyle store, Sally Coco in 2010. Born and raised in this sex taboo city, she has experienced herself and witnessed others suffer from the lack of sex education. She believes in sexual empowerment through no-nonsense positive sexual education. In 2012, she started her sex education YouTube channel, which now has 98K subscribers and 22 million views. By talking about sex and relationship in a positive, healthy and all-inclusive way, she hopes sexuality will be a topic we can discuss openly in our society.

Since 2018, she has partnered with Eaton and Reel Women to bring Hong Kong a new kind of women’s festival. Together, they wish to create an open platform for women to explore many topics from body positivity, mental and physical wellness, motherhood to spirituality and sensuality. Women’s Festival HK is an annual celebration inspired by all women for all women.





An entry ticket to a fun exotic night




Tailor-made to maximize your pleasure 


Seek professional help if you have any questions or doubts.

For all your sexual health needs, below are some organisation platforms of services including birth control, pregnancy termination, vasectomies, erectile dysfunction treatment, sex therapy, and more.

Mother's Choice:

Contact: 2313 5678

Caritas Youth and Community Service:

Contact: 3582 4471

The Family Planning Association of HK:

Contact: 2919 7734

Sticky Rice Love:

Contact: 6903 4682

Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW):

Contact: 2375 5322

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